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Spiral Potatoes

You've seen them at festivals, always queues of people waiting to spend money. Join them today, not the queue, but the person receiving the money...
Stainless steel/Aliminium - manual(no power, no problem)

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Info: Spiral Potatoes = Business Opportunity

For step-by-step photo's and investment amount,
please see: the Spiral Potato Homepage


Vending - Food and other consumables

From food trailers to Spiral potatoes

Food vending trailers.

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Info: Food Vending Trailer = Business Opportunity
For photo's, layout samples and investment amount,
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Make household products - 50+ commercial recipes

Make commercial products and become the next big supplier in South Africa. Or skip the big name brand, and supply your local community with any of the 50+ household products.

How to make Washing Powder
How to make Auto Dishwasher Powder
How to make Dishwashing Liquid
How to make Dry foam Carpet Cleaner
How to make Engine Degreaser No1 & 2
How to make Fabric Softener
How to make Pine Gel
How to make Tyre Shine & Dash Shine
Ingredients in household Bleach
How to make Liquid Hand Soap
How to make Oven cleaner
And commercial recipes for many more

.. know which ingredients to use.
.. know where to buy these commercial chemicals.
.. have access to Elmarie - doing this for more than 24 years.
.. have the opportunity to make money from home.

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Info: Household Products = Business Opportunity
For all the info needed and 2 Free formulae,
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Free Recipe - How to make Sanitiser
Free Recipe - How to make Drain Cleaner(50kg)


Investigate - Investigate

Solution for 1st timers looking to work from home:

Take your time and look at many options, and investigate the companies.
If you pay for something, and get ripped off - Report it.